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Why is the blood pressure taken at home different from the one taken in the hospital?

A person's blood pressure changes according to the person's physical condition and the person's mood, so it is very normal that the blood pressure taken at home is different from the one taken in the hospital. Often, when patients go to the hospital, they are more nervous and tired, so the blood pressure taken in the hospital will be relatively high. As long as the blood pressure can be controlled at a relatively stable value and is not particularly high, there is usually not much of a problem.

Oxygen concentrator ventilator combination use

Oxygen concentrator ventilator combination use

How to choose a sleep ventilator for home use

First of all, before buying a ventilator, you must pay attention to the treatment mode of the model, for example, patients with obstructive sleep apnea hypopnea syndrome generally use single-level breathing CPAP mode can be, COPD is to use dual-level ST mode models, to choose the mode used by the ventilator according to the condition.

What is the meaning of CAI in ventilator

The number of pauses in breathing per hour during sleep

Electronic blood pressure meter is not allowed to adjust how

Electronic sphygmomanometer is not allowed, there are several ways to make adjustments: If you find that the sphygmomanometer may not be allowed, you can bring the electronic sphygmomanometer to the clinic and calibrate it with the office sphygmomanometer in the hospital, for example, first measure with the office sphygmomanometer, and then measure with your own sphygmomanometer to see the value of the difference between the two sphygmomanometers. If the difference does not exceed 5 mmHg, the electronic blood pressure monitor is still relatively accurate. If the difference between the blood pressure values of the two blood pressure monitors exceeds 10mmHg, there may be a problem with your electronic blood pressure monitor. This time it is recommended to find the manufacturer of electronic blood pressure monitor, or after-sales service department to adjust, generally is very difficult to correct yourself, if necessary, you can also replace the new electronic blood pressure monitor. The current electronic blood pressure monitor is generally more accurate, the quality can also be guaranteed.

Electronic blood pressure monitor can be brought on the plane

Electronic sphygmomanometer is a medical device that uses modern electronic technology and the principle of indirect measurement of blood pressure for blood pressure measurement. Electronic sphygmomanometer has arm type, wrist type; its technology has experienced the development of the most primitive first generation, the second generation (semi-automatic sphygmomanometer), and the third generation (intelligent sphygmomanometer). Electronic sphygmomanometers have become the main tool for self-measurement of blood pressure at home. Electronic sphygmomanometers are also increasingly used in hospitals and other medical institutions.

3M mask p95 series masks 8576 and 8577 difference is what

1) The only functional difference between 3MTM8576 and 8577 is the applicability to different categories of odorous gaseous substances. 8577 is only applicable to odors generated by certain organic substances and 8576 is only applicable to odors generated by certain inorganic acidic gases.

Do not wear contact lenses or contacts when using

It has to be said that with the rapid development of the Internet and mobile phone industry, mobile phones have become an indispensable part of our lives, but along with the decline in the overall level of vision, especially in the past two years, the rise of short videos and mobile games has made many young people wear glasses early...

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