Oxygen concentrator ventilator combination use

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Oxygen concentrator ventilator combination use

Oxygen concentrator ventilator combination use

Oxygen concentrator ventilator combination use

When is it necessary to use both an oxygen concentrator and a ventilator. Anyone who knows or uses ventilators and oxygen concentrators should know the respective roles of ventilators and oxygen concentrators.

The ventilator can replace or improve human breathing, when the user's breathing is abnormal or said breathing ventilation pressure is not enough to give ventilation pressure to help the user can breathe smoothly device, used to assist or control the human inspiratory and expiratory functions. It is generally used for patients who cannot breathe normally due to lung failure or airway obstruction.

Oxygen concentrator is a safe and convenient machine used to extract high concentration of pure oxygen, pure physical oxygen, it uses molecular sieve adsorption technology, after purification process that becomes high purity oxygen. The oxygen concentrator itself does not come with any functional mode of assisted breathing.

When do oxygen concentrators and ventilators need to be used together

Patients with serious conditions such as cardiopulmonary disease or heart failure that require high concentration oxygen therapy and have low respiratory function require the use of an oxygen concentrator in conjunction with a ventilator to achieve the best therapeutic effect. At the same time, high concentration oxygen therapy is a highly specialized rehabilitation treatment, including the oxygen flow rate, oxygen concentration, as well as the frequency and time of use of the oxygen concentrator should follow the advice and guidance of medical professionals.

What should I pay attention to when choosing an oxygen concentrator for use with a ventilator?

The ventilator used in combination with an oxygen concentrator should be a bi-level ventilator, and the priority when choosing a bi-level ventilator is the range of ventilation pressure required.

The oxygen machine used in combination with the ventilator first needs a high flow rate of medical oxygen concentration to absorb oxygen, the oxygen machine requires a flow rate of 5L or 8L, or even 10L, and the oxygen machine is required to be able to run continuously for a long time, preferably for 24 hours without interruption. The oxygen concentrator must be able to run for a long time, even 24 hours 365 days continuous operation. Secondly, the oxygen machine parameters requirements, internal configuration, oxygen output pressure, oxygen purity, oxygen stability, etc. must meet the standards of medical ambulance.



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